If A Roulette Player - Check Out Microgaming's Top Software Today!

Players who play at the online casinos are familiar with the gaming developers Microgaming, they may even be familiar with their free play when it comes to playing a lot of their slot games for free without having to use real money. It's a great way to get a good feel for a particular slot game if trying one for the first time. However what about table game players out there? Are they up to speed with their software?

Many players like the game of Roulette, but get stuck in a rut using a particular software. Because the game is so basic, they really can't be bothered to brighten up their individual experience, which is really a shame that they should deprive themselves of what is on offer, especially when it comes to Microgaming's pretty cool Roulette software.

European Roulette Gold


An easy way to evaluate a gaming software developer is to ask the question, how many online casinos, use their software. In Microgaming's case that is over 100, so right there that speaks volumes. Now let us look specifically at Roulette and how it compares to what else is available.

OK, as most players know there's normally 3 standard options when playing the game American, French and European. In these 3 games, most of the screen is devoted to the betting area, with the wheel in the top left hand corner. All 3 different types of the game share the same basic layout, not so with Microgaming.

They use different kinds of Roulette software and if serious, one will want to further investigate their "European Gold" software offering sharper graphics, smoother wheel motion, greater betting and previous history options. Along with "Premier" and their "Premier Diamond Edition", "Mult-Wheel" & "Multi-Player" games, a world of choice opens. Time yet to take a peek?