Microgaming's European Blackjack Gold has one of the best deals today

European Blackjack Gold is Microgaming's stellar offering. Created by a world leader in betting software, this game is a European-inspired version of famous card game, which everybody is familiar with since it uses the same rules that are applied in the casinos in Europe. Moreover, blackjack players in the USA are also familiar with the game. Here, the software has been packaged so the player can modify the speed. Refer to a table for advanced strategies and use game option like quick deal. When using the strategy table when playing in Autoplay, the player can choose which moves to make and test these moves. The company's sophisticated designs of their software give them an advantage over other blackjack games on the online market.

Classic Blackjack Gold


This game has been designed to mimic the experience of playing in an actual European betting establishment. Some of the rules, however, have been modified to make playing easier. Basically, the goal is to collect cards that would have a value more than that of the dealer, with the value not exceeding 21. You can also aim to have a card value of less than 21 while the dealer goes beyond it, which is technically called a bust. Simply stated, the aim is to defeat the dealer in whatever way possible. The cards are handed out and each time the round is finished, the two card decks will be reshuffled before they will be handed out again to the players. Aces can have a value of 1 or 11, depending which would be more beneficial to the player. Face cards, i.e., jack, king and queen, have a fixed value of 10. This is the standard value throughout the world, either in online free play or in actual casinos.